About Evil Inc

Evil started as a big idea in the hearts of passionate youth. Since then we have worked hard to tether the parts of this idea that we can control.

We have a story we will tell. You can find it strewn about this site in scraps, memoirs and hints. Another world lies just beyond the reach of our decisions.

We have music that we make. It is not an act of choice, it’s a compelling force within us that guides our hearts. Music is important to everyone in different ways, please enjoy our music in whatever way feels right to you.

We have a vision. Not just for ourselves, but for Evil Inc. We want Evil Inc to grow as we believe it can have a profound effect in the world. Evil Inc is a safe place for creative minds and we must offer this to the world. If you have that feeling inside you, a desire that you can’t escape, an open-eyed dream that keeps you up at night, that you know you must listen to lest ye heart fall to ruin, then please contact us.

Lastly, and most importantly, I recall a conversation I had with Vlad one night:

“Look not to what your desires will do for you. Your presence here, or anywhere means nothing.”

His long slender finger came to rest upon my heart, a sharp fingernail pressing warm against my skin

“So caught up with where you fit into. What difference does it make if they remember your name; aren’t you making moments, not legacies?”

Fangs gleaming in the moonlight, he chuckled.

“I’ve watched the world turn without you for years and when you’re gone it will turn ever-more until everything you have done is dust. What then?”

The cool night air hung around us, full of unspoken words. We knew that it wasn’t for us. The reason we had to do this was not for us. A whole world was waiting to hear what we could do for their  benefit, not ours.

“You will be my evil little children. I can give you eternal life, but what will you do with it? Just remember, Evil does not mean bad, it means different.”


About Vlad

During our travels through the ever-changing landscape of our hearts, we met Vlad. He is an interesting one, hiding in the shadows found in the corners of rooms, the presence you feel when you’re trying to sleep but your brain won’t quiet down, the feeling on your back as you walk through the dark. He is there in those moments when you think to yourself; ‘This is completely unbelievable.’, He relishes the desire in us all to be different and he will empower you when you decide to walk a path darkened from the eyes of others. Vlad found us there in the dark and showed us a possibility for our passion. A potential for our creation.

Vlad is a fictional embodiment of Evil Inc. Each member of Evil Inc acts as a representative of Vlad and Vlad is the collective ideals of these Evils. He guides us and helps us to remember ourselves when we forget.


About The Music

Listen to it, download it, share it, hate it, pay it no mind or give it your heart. We will continue to produce it either way. So if it isn’t for you, no harm done :)

You can check out the legal info page to learn more about how the music can be used, but the short of it is: Unfettered personal use; crank it on your sound system, in your car, on your phone, set it as your ringtone, find new ways to listen to our sound.

We ask that you do NOT claim that it is yours, or seek to make a profit from our work without us involved. As always, though, we would love to chat about any concerns you have so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We love music. It would take a long time to explain that in writing, listening to what we have made would be more eloquent.


About the Artists

Our artists are like Vlad, fictional characters that exist in a shadowed world.

Our design is to let you explore and discover that night-shade place through the music and words of the characters that inhabit it and to commune with you through the sounds that escape that place and find rest in this one.

To us it matters not who made which sound. Each artist has a style that you may come to expect or rely upon, but even that can change.

Evil has many guises and in a land of phantasms no one knows who is playing the melody.