Legal Information

Evil Inc.

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 Recorded Works

Unless otherwise specified, all audio files, recorded works, stems, arrangements and compositions contained here-in upon this domain were created by Evil Inc and it’s artists, and remain the copyright protected property of the Evil Inc business entity as per the Australian Copyright Act, within Australia and overseas under it’s party to the Berne Convention. Evil Inc reserves the right to exercise ownership of the recorded works held in this way and expressly prohibits their use for profit or personal gain by those outside of the employ of Evil Inc.


The copyright protection rights surrounding the “works” of Evil Inc include (but are not limited to) the following common examples of use:


  • Reproduction of the work (whether in sheet music, records, television, film or advertisement)
  • Publication of the work
  • Communication of the work to the public
  • Creating adaptations of the work (arrangements, transcriptions, parodies)


Please note that exceptions occur within these rights in special circumstances. For example, via contractual agreement, Evil Inc may transfer ownership of one or more of the aforementioned rights to a second party. Any items not specifically outlined in said agreement remain under Evil Inc’s control.



At this time, money donated to the Evil Inc business is not considered payment for any of the licensed works that can be streamed / downloaded from this site. The music held here-in is currently free to stream / download for personal use, please enjoy our work!


We would like to advise any patrons willing to contribute financially that any money we receive through donation will be used to further the creative endeavours and goals of this business entity. One of our many goals, and indeed the first, is to create music we like. This has not changed. We thank you for considering us and will continue to create.