[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 1.2 – Seven Hounds

It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like during construction. I wonder if they knew then how the world would turn out, their Grand Vision, a final solution. Or if like now the animals just went along with it. Unthinking, uncomprehending. Lambs into a pen they built themselves. A prison for the mind.


The silence around me was the biggest change, the howling wind ceased as the board slowed. A thick enveloping stillness returned to smother the landscape. I stared at the buildings ahead, low and squat silhouetted against the tower around which they brooded.

The hunger reminded me, keep moving.

Quietly I approached the first building and began my search. While the tower had provided a need for the greater world, a dream of free energy could not sate the flesh. A hacking reverberated from deep within my lungs and a loud melodic ping from Archimedes mocked me; I needed to find life soon.

An amber glow, another reminder, my battery wouldn’t last forever.

Frustrated after hours of fruitless searching outside I entered the decrepit house, a family dwelling, this made it cold and somehow deeper within the pervading silence that wrapped the surroundings. There it was, a familiar canister waiting on a forgotten bench. It felt cool in my hand and I wasted a moment pondering how it had come to be here, calmly awaiting my arrival.

No need to stick around, besides the walls are crowding.

Out in the street I found the board drifting lazily, it struggled as though alive but I managed to pin it. I leant against a wall and opened my prize. Carefully I removed one of the seven cylinders, checked it for imperfections and swung the power lead from my belt. An electric spark, Tesla’s dream. I brought it to my lips, a deep breath. Leaning forward the respirator sprang to life with a hiss that rocked my core and the smoke expelled upwards.

A grand vision indeed.

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