[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 1.3 – Determining Velocity

Freedom was enough most days. Keeping to myself had its highs and lows, but I had what I needed. At least I wasn’t a coward, head in the sand, refusing to see.

A pinging reminder from my arm told me to turn north, adjusting my stance I complied. A concession to the modern world, the arm unit had proved more useful than not.

Broken it may be, forever stuck in low power mode and the map inaccurate at best, it served its purpose. It kept the respirator functional and the music playing. It sure was needy though, even without AI that the other ones had and even in power-save it sucked down juice faster than I would like. Thankfully it had found the nearest Grid Interface.

The display still showed its amber warning but it should keep me going for a while.

The wind had picked up and the sky above was the usual sea of black clouds. Concerned about moving at night I studied the horizon and watched the lightning… Just a regular storm, no need to worry; I’d get a lot more warning if one of the EYEs was upon me. I should make it to the interface before the storm hits in any case.

The earth raced below and the heavens prepared to crash from above. Yeah, this was enough.

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