[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 1.6 – Wolfetone

New dawn, Same hope.

The brightening skies brought me back to the present, my thoughts not forgotten but put on hold as I neared my destination. The girl had made travel slower than I would have liked, and travelling by night had its risks, but my new charge was fading away. She had to live and I had to keep moving.

The board wobbled and dropped. The demon called inertia threw me to the ground. Reflexes kicked in and my powered arm caught the brunt of the impact to stop us short. The girl shifted on my back but stayed put. I appeared to have tripped a system that watched the edge of town. A short-phase pulse alarm rippled ahead of me through the streets.

Moving outward from me like a wave doors closed, locked and sealed against the would-be danger. I despaired and berated myself. The Virus was one thing, code and script; these were just building blocks. Wet blood, pulsing heart beats and intricate organs, the interplay between biology and consciousness were realms unknown to me. Soon the girl and I were alone in the street and the only sound above the hum of electricity was our breathing, mine drawn and haggard, hers small and weak.

Keep moving. The nearest locked door proved fruitless, no answer.

… As I pounded on yet another building entrance, my patience was ending, the last 15 unanswered knocks were taking their toll. The hum around me now overpowered by ragged gasps from over my shoulder. New dawn, dying light. I turned to the next door, set in a recessed alcove and hammered, it cracked open immediately, I was met by a pale face, wild hair and startled eyes, struggling to focus in the new light.

She studied the form on my back, from face to head plugs they took it all in and then snapped into focus, frightened realisation took hold and they jerked toward me. Exclamation, fascination, joy and fear. We stared at one another.

New hope.

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