[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 2.1 – Mémoire

Archimedes display updated, 0908. I had been here for almost 3 minutes and my nerves were beginning to get tight.

I hated staying in one place too long. People get curious, I get bored. Facets of their everyday lives get on my nerves and Guardians watch you much more closely as an outsider.
There were only so many times a conversation could start or end with a someone shoulder checking you before you avoided them entirely.

/* come in Brave-3… check.. vagrant is in your sector… entered domicile 146-3… check */

I looked down at my display again, still 0908.

“Are you a doctor?” I asked flatly.
“No” came the reply.

/* … wastelanders bring anger with them, they can’t function in society and aren’t ready to accept orders… exercise caution Brave-3… */

My temper began to unfurl slowly but I drew a measured breath, respirator rattling softly in my chest. A more polite question formed on my lips but what followed next divided my attention in such a startling fashion that the words never formed.

/* Engage. */

An aggressive knock rattled hard at the door I had come through, followed shortly by a clear-tone broadcast from within the buildings old CAIN System.


The Guardians maintain peace. It was necessary or people would revert to being animals. Jealousy, greed, the Rage, even independence are not welcome in the shreds of society that remain. And me? Showing up out of nowhere with a sick child, I’m surprised it took them three minutes.

Guardians or not, this had to stop. I’d show them what society could do.

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