[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 2.2 – Scalene

The door slid open sending light spilling through the entryway, locks were cobwebs to Guardians.

I drew one of my precious cigarettes, hung it in the corner of my mouth and, with both hands raised, walked out of the open doorway into the warm sunlight. Things might go better if I just let them say their bit. One of them stood before me, the form a series of haphazardly assembled armour from at least 3 different series, I noted his vulnerabilities. The weapon drawn and aimed squarely in my direction had bad cells, you could see from here. I opened my mouth to tell him that he had left his helmet clasp undone when a crash from behind caused me to bite into the end of my life source and fall. My arm’s damaged servo-motors couldn’t keep up this time and I tasted the dusty filth of the pavement.

This should be interesting… I laughed and pulled myself slowly up.


Before me in the dirt lay my cigarette. Bent. Number 6, so beautiful and clean, now damaged and helpless. I reached down and gently raised it up off the floor, inspecting it with an expert eye.


The second one appeared beside me and I saw an armoured boot draw back.

I threw myself forward onto my hands and vaulted upwards. There was a sharp snap hiss as the accelerated mechanics surged, followed by a screech of metal that caused a shudder in my soul but I made enough height for what I expected would happen…

The one who had tried to kick me found nothing but air and staggered as inertia caught up with the armour. The first, whose weapon was trained on me got spooked by the sudden movement releasing a blast that tore through the open space I had possessed connecting with the second’s leg. A cry rang out into the empty street and I landed easily in front of the itchy trigger finger.

A few moments at best, before his partner recovers.

My mechanised arm struck out and the back of my hand slapped his helmet clean from his head. This wouldn’t have happened if he had let me speak earlier, I thought sourly. His weapon clicked in his hands as he squeezed the trigger again and again, trying vainly to hold it steady but his fear was rising. He didn’t even notice the mocking amber light, the exhausts sighing pathetically, or even deeper still the high-pitched whine as the capacitors dumped their empty allocations.

I wasted another moment wondering how he had come here. Who he was. So young and so eager to become a slave to the UEC. Buy the book of the Protectors, go forth and do good to the world. Because the world needs good.

My patience ran out.

I found purchase on the front of his armour and I shoved him against the wall. His chest heaved as fear stole the breath from his lungs but I bore down on him, my eyes searching his.

I’d be gone soon enough if they left me alone.

I knew they wouldn’t call it in, it had been too quick, too embarrassing. They left as quickly as they had arrived. As I watched them leave I carefully loaded the 6th back into it’s protective case and sighed.

I needed to get my board, moment over.

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