[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 2.3 – Velocity

As I walked back inside a slap jolted me sideways.

“What do you think you are doing?!” she demanded.

She reached close, flipped open a panel on my arm and snapped a wire from its housing, the speed and confidence took me aback. Archimedes blanked and went offline, my arm slumped under the weight as the mechanized unit powered down.

“You barge in here, dump a virus victim on my table and start a fight with the Guardians….Sit down.”

The girl had been lain on a nearby cot, she was still breathing steadily.

I sat and stared at the fragile little form while the mechanic continued muttering under her breath. Seemingly from nowhere and with startling speed she started stripping the casing from my arm, I made to protest but she shot a look at me sharp enough to kill.

With ruthless efficiency she tore back the damage around the servos and replaced parts as needed. I looked around, spare parts took up every shelf space. Parts for everything. A speaker on a desk caught my eye. A low murmuring emanated from it, unmistakably the voices of the dead.

“Ok, explain.” she demanded as the final panel slammed close on my arm.

I did my best to give a quick run down. Avoiding the origins of my panacea script, I told her how I had found the child in a nearby factory, damaged by the storm. The image of her face pleading at me as the roaring winds stole all other sounds rushed back into my mind and the story trailed off.

No further questions came as she replaced the lead and walked over to the cot. A tone resounded and scrolling text filled Archimedes display as it ran through POST. All checks green, time 0920. More hidden tools appeared, medical equipment from the look, and she set about checking the girl.

“I thought you weren’t a doctor?” I quipped.

“I’m not.”

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