[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 2.5 – Pumpkin Escobar

The silence stretched until it was tangible. The ellipses a palpable entity of their own, standing at the edge of the conversation so loud that both parties could not ignore them.

Work continued on examining the girl, my benefactor calling my bluff.

I sighed, “After seeing what just happened you suggest coming with me to a city. A City!”

“I don’t know what your problem is but clearly you know something about the virus. People need help; they need hope.” She stung me with the truth.The conversation halted again.

I thought about the price, already paid and still to come. The panacea code that could change the world… But it was a small win beside a very large mountain. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the code anyway, whether it was the spoils of my efforts or, in some twisted sense of irony, the sonofabitch I had worked so hard to track down gave it to me as a backhanded compliment.

The thing about technology is; it’s hard to stop progress and even harder to stop innovation. So even after The Fall new tech didn’t stop, people changed too and at first I believed it was simply a new breakthrough when I heard about it, blown out of proportion by rumour and sensationalism. That someone could have that kind of power or those abilities… Well. That’s what breeds fables after all, I thought darkly.

I bristled at the unasked questions hanging in the room. Who was she to question my past?

Once again I broke first, angrily this time, “So I should save the world? As though the Virus is the big issue?!”

I caught myself, I was livid, but needed to stop. Her questions were part of the price. I had gone chasing after answers, for the most part alone. The answers I found were not the ones I sought.
There I go, breeding personal fables. The truth was I have done much on this Earth but was not prepared when I found ‘him’.

The Technomancer was anything but a story.

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