[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 2.6 – Mahiro Submarine

I withdrew from these thoughts, the swirling nebulous land of my memories was one I could be too easily trapped in. My eyes focused and settled the woman whose solid stare bore heavily into me.

I realised my decision was already made and sighed, “We need another way out, they’ll be watching the street.”

Her eyes moved back down to the little girl and the intense pressure directed toward me dropped significantly.

“That shouldn’t be an issue. Give me some time to get some things together and check your board.”

While she worked I looked over the board myself. There was no way it’d fit three of us, but it would work as a floating litter with some reconfigurations. I started looking for tools, the sooner done, the sooner we could leave.

It was as though she read my actions,

“Don’t bother with that” She disappeared from view for a few seconds through a doorway and brought out something that drew a whistle low from my lips. A longboard, sleek and in perfect condition. I traced the outline of it quickly and noted the adjustments, the capacitors were a custom fitting and the fuselage was leaner. It looked fast and mean. Who was this girl?

After grabbing a few supplies I looked to the her for the way out and she grinned, first one I’d seen. A few shelving units were moved with impossible ease revealing a trap door.

“Tunnel system, all the way out of the town.”

I simply nodded, casually inspecting the subtle rails that the shelves were set upon as we maneuvered the boards down into the tunnels. Low, rectangular and perfectly flat. The spartan tunnels were wide enough to fit both boards side by side as long as no one was riding. We secured the girl to the larger board and set out. I checked Archimedes

TIME: 1027

The trap door was pulled shut sealing us down in the shadowy halls and I heard the unmistakable sound of the shelves rolling back into place above our heads.

Same day. New Hope.

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