[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 3.1 – 1.65

The tunnel seemed endless, a silence under the earth that yawned away into infinity. I tried not to dwell on the emptiness; the movement and experiences of rooms and things that had been left untouched for years.

I wondered why these tunnels were originally built.

A while back, it seemed, society arrived at a fork in the road, one path was to revel in the technology we had created; biomods, enhanced genetics, synthetic foods and The Other World were all freely available inside the giant meccas that operated quite like hives. Those who chose this path quickly integrated into these machines. Became part of the system. The bigger cities and towns really only operated to run themselves, and in recent years they had become unwelcoming to those outside of their design.

The other choice was much more grandiose..

Those that had the wherewithal decided the place for their heads was not in the sand but the stars. The ark ships had taken an embarrassing amount of resources to create and once complete, the would-be star children filed aboard their skybound coffins and left the home they had helped wrought, taking the patents, designs and engineers of such wonder with them. Space travel was not really “new”, but since the Lunar Event it had been stunted. What should have been an auspicious event for mankind was laid low by fear and anger that those who could, had fled.

An escape and a coping mechanism in one, the coffins sped toward their new home.

Then there were those who didn’t fit with either choice, mostly vagrants or those too poor to join the hives.

I had never felt myself limited by choice. Things had been almost carefree, my journey was less of a wary hunt for survival and much more of an adventure. A world to see, while those in the towns fortified themselves against reality and people like me.

I had wandered alone for so long, a small stint with others might not be the worst. The city that awaited us though.. Well that was in the future.

For now, I pondered, the choice to put your head in the sand, or fling yourself into the heavens.

What was the weather like on Mars…

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