[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 3.2 – Aerith

With good knowledge of how the air would wend it’s way through the quiet tunnels they snuck upon us like ghosts. My mind was on Mars, remembering the holocasts I’d seen recently from the ark survivors, the long red expanses and the dusty settlements. Through the shadows the presence of a threat struck my senses first and I came up short, putting my foot on the board and muttering “ilume” to Archimedes.

The lamp on my pauldron flickered to life, casting a strong yellow glow on our path and a low hiss escaped between sharp teeth. A few feet from the head of the board stood a pale and withered figure, hunched in ragged clothes squinting in the light. It’s nose had already begun to recede and flatten into the rest of the face, forming slits more like a snake than a man. A long and careful breath was drawn assessing the prey that had stumbled into it’s nest.

My mind went back to the EM shield and I sighed

The hunger was plain on it’s face, sunken eyes with narrow pupils jumped from me to my companion until finally they came to rest on the girl between us. A flicker of glee quirked it’s face into a twisted grin and it spoke:

“Rass, Elmess kass van de.” The words slid out of the creature’s mouth like sand through the neck of a glass timer. Suddenly, from what seemed like every direction, a chorus of hissing rose slowly out of the shadows that made the light dim.

That was about enough, I thought wearily.

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