[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 3.3 – no luck

“Feh, kes van de’et.” the words came easily from my mouth and shattered the glamour that the creature had conjured; clearly it had not bargained for prey like me. The hissing disappeared like smoke in the wind and our eyes met. Words clearly failed the fool-spawn as it’s mouth opened and closed in frustration and fear. It spat a sharp hiss and turned, fleeing down the tunnel on all fours until the shadows swallowed it back up.

My foot gave the board a gentle nudge and I took up the march again, my eyes staying on the path ahead and my ears sharpened for any sound from the web of tunnels around us. I took to this new task with vigor as my companion’s eyes burned into me. She had not started walking with me yet.

“You’re one of them?!” She brandished, like a weapon made of words.

“Disgusting.” I said shortly “Do not mistake me for some slavering nestling.”

A silence full of screaming questions.

“We seriously have to keep moving. There will be more. There is always more. Keep your voice down and follow me.”

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