Desperate for anything to take me away, I removed sixth from its case. a little bent but at this moment I would do anything to lose these damned ellipses.

Small victories, petty or not. We were clear of the nest and no sign of the creature or it’s family had plagued our passage since the first encounter. Starvation had at least kept their numbers down, but we need to get topside as soon as possible before their hunger replaces their rationale.

“What a benevolent spectre.” The quip came from an unexpected place. So much about me laid bare in a casual flick of the wrist. It caused me to sputter and draw a quick breath that tickled in my throat, the hacking cough that echoed down the corridor made its little journey to infinity.

“You could at least be consistent” I retorted between heavy breaths, “I’m coming along to ‘save the world’ remember? Let me have my joys or this trip will get old fast”

…and the silence was unbearable. I sighed.

“I’m sorry. I’m not used to being around others, I’ll save them for outside. But I will need to find more though.” I said sadly, looking down into the container more empty than full.

What she thought of the events of the last hour she kept to herself, but her posture had become tight and there was a feeling on the back of my neck like she was watching my every move. Trust was an interesting thing, I mused, allowing myself to get lost again in the questions of human nature. Old signage eventually led us to a heavyset metal door, a way out, back to the surface with everything that it held, dark skies with a chance of violence.

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