[DLC] LITTLE GHOST NEBULA Chapter 1.1 – Shere Khan pt 2


I was immersed in the high pitched wail, the screaming wind. It whipped around my goggles and passed into my mind. There wasn’t much room for thought as I tore through the landscape.

In the distance, the monstrous form of one of the Towers rose, jutting its defiance at the velvet sky above. The Towers were a guide, as good as sign-posts out here in the wastes pointing in the direction of the ‘civilised’.

The sky was also a reminder, as dusk settled into a blind horizon turning the landscape blue, the dust that caused its murky depths was a knife over my head.The day was running out. I had to find it soon.

Inevitably there’d be buildings at the base of the Tower, and perhaps salvation from the night. I shifted my weight, swinging the nose of my board round to bear down on my goal and leant heavily into the thrusters, sending my surroundings into a blur of lines.
The pitch rose.